Introducing Mini Photo Sessions!

After a seemingly endless winter, it feels like Spring is finally on its way!  In celebration of the warmer temperatures and sunnier days to come, Artsecond is introducing Mini Photo Sessions! Here's your chance to sample the Artsecond Photography experience- the great images, innovative products, and awesome customer service- for only $449.00!

What is a mini-session?

Mini-sessions are a great way for you, your friends, family, and kids (over 3 months) to get together for great portraits in a condensed amount of time. Mini sessions are up to 30 minutes with one look in one location. The mini is for individuals and groups of up to 4 people. These special sessions are available any weekday this spring that is currently unreserved. The best part is the price- $449.00! What's more, if you get a friend or two to book a session on the same day, we'll discount everyone's session 10%!

How do I choose between a full session and a mini-session?

Mini sessions are perfect for couples, and small families, outgoing kids and seniors! There are a few cases in which upgrading to a full session would be ideal. If you're looking to shoot in multiple locations or outfits, you'll need to upgrade to a Full Session. If you are considering a mini session for your kids, a 30-minute mini may not be enough time for those young-ins who are shy to warm up to new people or a camera. A similar rule of thumb is in effect for newborns, unless, of course, we are photographing the whole family including your new addition. :-) Lastly, if you're interested in a session during the weekend, these slots are reserved for full sessions only. Fear not, you can upgrade to a full session for $90.00!


Shed your winter blues and book a session today!


Mini Session Full Session
$449 $539
Up to 30 minutes Unlimited Time
Weekdays Only Weekdays and Weekends
1 Location 1 or More Locations
1 Outfit 1 or More Outfits
 1-4 people (3+ months) 1-8 people (no age limit)
3x3 Mini Album included 5x5 Hardbook Album included
Book with Friends & save 10%! Refer Friends and Earn AS Credit!