What's an artsecond?

It's the very spark of greatness, the moment at which beauty is created, experienced, interpreted and captured.

Who we are:
Philadelphia-bred husband and wife team, Lucien and Stephanie Dowdell. We started our company with a hunger to create engaging images and as a means to develop our craft together. Our style is influenced by the world around us including, music, architecture, design and other artists. We want to make our clients look their best in a way that is full of life and energy while remaining timeless.

While we love to travel, we love the Philadelphia area more. Philly has been our home from the beginning and we'd love to photograph you in this great city! From the iconic Philadelphia Museum of Art to Rittenhouse Square to fast-paced South Street and beyond, there are countless awesome locations for your session!

What we love:
Fresh, vivid images.
Individuals, Kids, Couples, Families
Having a great time at work

What we aren't so fond of:
Going to the dentist
Flat tires on the way to a shoot
Cucumbers and pickled beets