Frequenly Asked Questions

"What's with the name?/If Art is second, what's first?"

"Hey guys, where are your prices?"

"How long will my session be?"

"Do we need to do the engagement session?"

"Can I get the images on a CD/ Flash Drive?"

"Do you have a referral program?"

"Hey, you didn't answer my question!"



Q. "What's with the name?"

A: WARNING: There's math in this answer! Picture a perfect circle. It is made up of 360 degrees. One sixtieth of one degree is an arcminute. One-sixtieth of that arcminute is an arcsecond. It is the smallest measure of that relatively massive circle. "ARTsecond" is a similar concept. We like to think of it as that fraction of life when something beautitful is captured forever.  

"We loved our Artsecond experience! We had a really great
time on our photo shoot; it was more like a family fun day."

-Nykki E.

Q. "Hey guys, where are your prices?"

A. We realize that price is a major factor when choosing any service or vendor but it should not be the only factor. We want our potential clients to fall in love with our work first. Check out the galleries, read through some of the blog posts. If you like what you see (and we hope that you do), give us a shout! We'll be more than happy to send you our price menu and review it with you in detail. We have found that talking to potential clients leads to great relationships and, ultimately, the best photographs.



Q. "How long will my session be?"

A. Life has enough hustle and bustle. When you book a session with us, we like to take our time, hang out with you and have some laughs while we shoot. Instead of concentrating on the clock, we can focus on getting images that you'll love! That being said, a typical lifestyle family session lasts anywhere from one to three hours. A Symphony session can be a bit longer as we allow time for hair and make up. A Symphony party is a full, super fun day for all involved!

The story is the same for weddings. We are with you from time you put on your dress until we hear someone playing Motown hits!


Q. "Speaking of weddings, do we need to do the engagement session?"

A. No. We won't make you do anything you do want to. The engagement session, which included with all wedding packages, is a chance for us to meet you and work together in a low stress (read: non-wedding day) environment. You'll have plenty of things on your plate on your special day. Knowing who your photographers are shouldn't be one of them.


Q. "Can I get the images on a CD/flash drive?"

A. Yes. We do offer re-print licenses as a product for purchase. We advise our clients to purchase printed product from us because of the incredible quality that's available through our professional print labs. If you like us on Facebook, we do provide a watermarked file for you to use as a profile picture. For the full story on this, check out Lucien's blog post, On Tangibility.



Q. "Do you have a referral program?"

A. Yes! We love Artsecond Cheerleaders! Tell your friends and family about us and when they book a session, you get $25 to spend on products or your next shoot! Have a lot of friends? The more you tell, the more Artsecond bucks you can bank!


Q. "Hey! You didn't answer my question!"

Have a question we didn't answer? Shout it out and we'll get back to you ASAP!